How to choose a blog name? Or at least this is how I did it.

An incorrigible romantic.

An incorrigible optimist.

Check Google search and this is what it will guess. Among others such as incorrigible liar, or incorrigible flirt.

“Wow, those sound negative? Am I sure about this?”. That was my first thought when I considered the negative connotations behind the word.

But, then I thought, what is a meaning if it doesn’t mean something to me?

My life is full of contradiction, full of contrast. So, you can imagine how sublimely poetic it felt to consider the juxtaposition of two words that symbolise the good, the bad, and the ugly of me. All of me. 

I know, first impressions are everything. But then what impression would my reader have of me if I couldn’t be honest with myself, and who I am?

I have always been the dark horse of my family, enjoyed (and still do!) years of exploring my dark side. Nothing wrong with that!

Think about it, incurable and unashamed. Bit of a rebel, yes that’s me! 

Plus, I like how the word ‘incorrigible’ rolls of the tongue – try it. Aren’t I right? It feels good.

But, what made me such a nonconformist?

Is it nature or nurture? I am naturally strong-minded, dynamic, pig-headed (if you like). But I am sure that living a matriarchal childhood, being wisely feminist (I can explain!) and growing up in the metropolis of London have something to do with it.

Nothing defines me more than the unbinding connection I have with the place I grew up, the place that dubbed me ‘The Finsbury Girl’ (South Islington), the place that gave me an education, and a home in the City of London to live in when I was ready to become and independent, self-sufficient woman.

I am unashamedly and Islingtonite. And I am proud of it!

An Incorrigible Islingtonite.


 In philosophy, incorrigibility is merely that belief implies existence.

cogito ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”) – RenĂ© Descartes‘ 

I believe it is true and therefore it is true.

Yes, I did my research on the word ‘incorrigible’ as soon as I realised that my blogging world would start with the -very catchy if I may add – blog name ‘Incorrigible Islingtonite’. This is my life now, so I got to be sure, as anyone should when starting a personal blog.

I am big on belief.

That is something you will get to know about me in time. In life, if we have belief, we have hope. Both intangible, yet both breath life into us, otherwise how can we voyage through turbulent seas without the life-raft called ‘HOPE’? We will simply drown, drown in sorrow, or drown to the depths like Ophelia’s death.


Ok, so now you know I like to play with words too. I purposefully used that metaphor, so you can see that in my musings, just like anyone else, you will read about ‘normal’ day-to-day stuff. You know, hobbies and aspirations. What’s a good blog without them?

Talking about my interests, how did my journey for the most unique (like me ehem!), the most catchy, the most defining blog name start?

Well, the usual, rummaging into the pandora’s box we call ‘the internet’, I amass information on my pre-Raphaelite art interests, my love of Greek Mythology, Anne Stokes and her Vampyric art, even my keen interest in fantasy art, street art and contemporary art. The word ‘Art’ popped up a few times, but I am not an artist so I wouldn’t wish for ‘hypocrite’ to be your first reader’s impression of me.

My list went on to listing ‘Ophelia’, ‘Hera’, even ‘Persephone’ all strong women (I am a feminist at heart), beautiful women (well, either I wish or I am that’s in the eye of the beholder!), with a dark side (the contrast totally symbolises my life!).

But, I couldn’t choose between any of them, they all mean something to me and separating just one amazing woman from a plethora of many didn’t feel right. It’s not like me to tear apart such a delicious mental image from the minds of my readers…

Right, so let’s start from the grass-roots. Wait, ‘grassroots’, yes, I am a down-to-earth kinda gal, the girl-next-door type. Why not?

I tell you why, because no matter how warm, bubbly, kind and caring this Maria is, her life hardly stems from grass-roots, or the ordinary life,

Ah! That’s it! ‘Maria’! What is more ME than my name?

I ceaselessly think of all the times I heard ‘Maria Maria’ (Carlos Santana), or ‘Maria’ (Goldie), ringing in my mind after people would blurt out the lyrics when seeing me. And what about a song from one of my favourite childhood musicals – ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’. I nearly went with it!

But, I wanted, no I needed a blog name which was something more extraordinary for a blog of a life less ordinary, something all-encompassing of who I really am.

And music is only a certain part of me. Again, I wouldn’t want to fake it with my readers thinking I’m a musician when I am not. Just like I am not an artist. Impressions, they are paramount!

I was ready to finally let go of the blog name ‘solve a problem like Maria’ when I stumbled – graciously as always! – upon a goldmine while reading about ‘A Problem Like Maria’ by Maria Fyfe, a strong female politician. How fetching! A feminist, a woman in power, a politician (I studied BSc Economics!)

‘An incorrigible Bevanite. The Observer’, says the review.

Yes, that’s it – ‘incorrigible’!

And that’s how it all started.

With love,

The Incorrigible Islingtonite.

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