What is your blog about? Here is mine.

So, after spending time doodling ideas, making lists and researching intently about ‘how to choose a blog name?’, I thought why not dive right into my next post? I’m on a role!

What better way to slide effortlessly from that conundrum to ‘what is this blog about?’ – right?

I mean, anybody who is anybody in the blogging world knows why they started on this endless journey to blogdom (blog stardom!).

Here is my two cents. I am not interested, firstly, in stardom so I guess let’s rectify that misconception before we get started.

Frankly, blogdom scares me and irritates me even more. I am new to blogging and the last thing I want to do is panic about link-dropping, stress about SEO and marketing, or drone through mines of monetisation techniques for making your blog profitable.

My blog is ‘personal’. Ok, I know what you are thinking; how can this be personal when you are sharing it for the whole world to see? I’m just putting it out there, so here’s a thought, I write out my thoughts and experiences, take them off my mind, unravel them and place them into words, share them with others, let lose and see where the journey takes me. It’s cathartic right?

But, the ultimate catharsis is when you take action, to do something to change your life for the better. “Create” a happier life, because change is an inevitable necessity in life towards betterment.

I love that word “Create”, I would say if I had to select one value I hold dear in my life is CREATIVITY.

So, ultimately in a nutshell I would say my blog is about:

An Islingtonite, exploring her curiosities towards a life filled with creativity!

Its simple. The best way to predict a better future for yourself, is to create it yourself. Through a series of decisive choices and purposeful actions.

What makes every human being successful in achieving their aspirations though are those who stood by them, those great people behind you every step of the way.

To succeed, you need others surrounding you, ‘eyeballs’ staring critically at you. Constructive criticism of course; that will hold you accountable for every action you say you will take. And so you are forced to take it. You can’t be seen as a failure or a fraud. That would be devastating. Although, its not as devastating as how you are seen by others but how you ultimately see yourself.

The point is to build a better version of my life, one that includes abundant creativity.

And to do that I need to commit.

Commitment is everything, in taking any action towards achieving any goal in life. It’s up to me to take the action, nobody will do it for me. But, what you can do for me, is to offer your constructive criticism, to lend an eye, to share your thoughts.

Why not share something now in the comments box below?

I guess I’m being selfish. For once, it’s for a good reason. I have a good life, I can’t complain. And I am totally grateful for this life. You will see that the number one reason I’m always grateful for the people I love and the comforts I have is because I have suffered my whole life of 36 years – gosh! I’m showing my age and you only just met me?! – with a lifelong health condition.

My health condition, has affected every moment of my life. Yet, growing up, being used to this… Life less ordinary, I learnt not to allow my health condition to defile me, to define me or to devastate me. Yes, I suffer many pains that mentally bring me down – every day! – and that makes my day to day life extremely challenging, but that’s not who I am, it’s what I have to live with.

You see that? I used the word “challenging” not “difficult”. Part of a person’s growth is to be aware – some would call it the modern day mindfulness technique – of their language; to use positive wording for anything in life that poses, quite frankly, a challenge to us.

Let’s put a pin in that for a moment, and this is where I share my belief No. 1 with you: I strongly believe that just because we learn to be positive in order to build a happier mental state, does not mean its healthy to be positive all the time. In fact, it is excruciatingly counterproductive to always be energetic or happy when quite simply you are sick, suffer physical pain or simply are not at all happy.

Just “let it out”, I say. It’s cathartic.

And we do a full circle back to the point of this blog; the voyage of catharsis. Over time you will see my aims in my writing; to explore my curiosities, see where they take me, understand what makes me happier in life, and create a world around me filled with the creativity I desire.

I say “explore my curiosities” rather than “follow my dreams” because to follow is to know your path, and I definitely don’t have a clue where mine will take me. To have a dream means I know where I want to be and what I want to do in my life. I don’t! But I do know I want, wherever this leads me, for that place to surround me with – yes you said it – CREATIVITY.

So, my aspirations with this blog are to explore my curiosities:

  • Art Gallery Volunteering
  • Curating Small Art Projects
  • Making art of my own whatever medium that might be
  • Explore creative writing
  • Media Advertising work part time creating ideas for brands
  • TV production shadowing
  • Decorate my home with more art
  • Make gothic t shirts

We all have aspirations right? What are yours? Write them down, visualise them!

And maybe, just maybe, by reading along with me while I go on this journey we can help each other, share the love. Not only will you help me by supporting me, lending a critical eye, but if I can inspire you to create your own journey to a new you, even better.

“Inspirational”. That is our first Word of the year. Jot it down, take it in, contemplate on it. Think about whether it’s a value you hold, and if so do you practice it.

As you can see my curiosities are endless, and I plan to explore them with many new people – other explorers! So, stick around and read my blog, comment to be part of the creative process, if you’re in London let’s meet to go to galleries, events, or exhibitions together or let’s make art together!

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Plato

The Inspirational Incorrigible Islingtonite.

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