Is it OK to have a cheat day? How I do it.

Why do they call it a “cheat day” whoever “they” are?! I mean seriously who called the diet police and are “they” seriously trying to give us a guilt trip about…”it”?

So I had a cheat day this past weekend. A cheat weekend if you like. But it didn’t feel like I was cheating because I felt even more relaxed than I do when I am actually actioning my healthy eating plan. It takes a lot of mental capacity to remind yourself every day to take note of fridge contents and to be sure that it’s still filled with healthy foods. Food runs out as you eat it don’t you know. And what about the sourcing of the food? Stress overload. Tesco is useless when it comes to sourcing quality items. In my list I need: Rude Milk, specifically because its organic almond milk and gluten free bread, because although I cut carbs from my diet if I need to cheat I’m going to do it the right way.

Yes, there is a right way to cheat days. And that is why I was feeling so relaxed this past weekend. Guilt free cheat days.

So how did I do it?

I went out with friends to China Town. Usually when eating out and especially Oriental cuisine I love to eat a lot. And calories pile on! But I made sure to share a sushi with my husband to half the calories, filled my belly with hot miso which has far fewer calories and topped off with aloe Vera water. Yes, I enjoyed myself on sushi and did it in a healthier way. By the time it came to desert, when we went to the next place, I was so full I couldn’t eat anything sweet. So I managed not to cheat on fatty cake and sugary stuff!

I figured out how to cheat in a healthy way so I feel relaxed and guilt free.

Home delivery? Sure, just order NANDOS which is healthier. Buy lunch at work? Sure just go to Itsu. There is always a healthier option in this day and age.

Healthy, nutritious, and tasty options. So cheating doesn’t feel anything like cheating.

Remember, building new habits means creating healthy viable alternatives into your life that not only are good for you but you also enjoy. If you do not like anything about your new habit then it won’t become second nature to you.

Building new habits become natural. So much so that after 100 days the habit becomes a subconscious one.

So, I didn’t feel like I was cheating because essentially I wasn’t really cheating. I was eating what I liked, on a weekend with friends but being selective. And I enjoyed the hell out of it!

That’s how I did it. And that’s how I will always do it. Because life is fun and eating well is fun too.

The Incorrigible Islingtonite

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